Power and authority

Questions to be answered silently!

Whate is it that we have now and lose when we have power or authority? Why do we see things different that those who do make decisions? Do they know more or better than we do? What is it that they have in mind and we dont?

People in authority or power now have different ways of thinking… for example, what makes the syrian presidant think that it is his right to kill his people because they disagree with him?! Is he right? Why would killing people and destroy cities so right to him… and we cant even see a simple tiny right thing in that?

Question to scientists….. does brain functions change over years…. over experiences…..over anything? Could the syrian presidant have had a brain wash to human principles and rights only …. washed from his sensible mind? So he believe so much in that killing and destroying are the way to solve the whatever disagreement he has with the people that woreship him and his father before him?

Watching news start to be a torture….. leave you with these thoughts of mine